Producer / CEO
Yusuke Tominaga

Yusuke Tominaga is the CEO and co-founder of Whatever. His career in the creative industry began when he helped establish AID-DCC in 2000 while still a student at Ritsumeikan University. He founded dot by dot inc. in 2014 and Whatever in 2019, the latter being a joint venture with the creative agency PARTY New York, where he served as Executive Producer from 2018. In Aug 2019, joint-invested with Tohokushinsha Film Corporation and established WTFC, Inc., inaugurated as CSO.
Having earned accolades from Cannes Lions, The Webbys, Japan Media Arts Festival and more, Yusuke’s experience in creative production spans across advertising, experiential marketing, music videos, fashion, and TV.
Outside Whatever, Yusuke is a shareholder and executive partner of the tech director collective—BASSDRUM. He actively invests in startup products such as COTODAMA’s Lyric Speaker and Yummy Sake—a free service that employs AI as a tool to profile the ideal Japanese rice wine for each user at blind tasting sessions. He also operates a co-working space “Wherever” for creative companies in Tokyo to fulfill his goal of building professional network with creatives around the world.