Nov 28, 2018
Special exhibition focusing on projection mapping on a giant statue of the iconic coat

Whatever developed a holistic approach and oversaw the creative execution of “I LOVE MAX MARA”—a uniquely dynamic showcase of Max Mara’s FW18 collection and history held at the Hankyu Umeda department store in Osaka, Japan.

The centerpiece of this show was a giant (five-meter tall) interactive “Teddy Bear Coat” model, used to display 3D video mapping content inspired by the iconic coat. In addition to the main event, we created interactive content for the maxmaragram digital installation as well as took part in organizing a runway show that revolved around the giant Teddy Bear Coat.

Visitors were invited to experience the Italian label’s rich design heritage and exquisite craftsmanship in this two-week open exhibition from October 26 to November 10, 2018.

Creative Director
Executive Producer
Project Manager
Content Planner
Deborah Ten
Naoto Yamada (DENTSU LIVE INC.)
Hideaki Suzuki (DENTSU LIVE INC.)
Art Director / Designer
Takashi Inoue (t.i.d.a.)
Yota Kubo
Yu Maezawa
Director / Art Director CG Artist
Daisuke Hashimoto (P.I.C.S. management / LIL)
CG Producer
Ryota Izutsu (LIL)
CG Technical Supervisor
Mitsuhiro Taniguchi (LIL)
CG Artist
Takeru Shima
CG Artist
Yusuke Moriya
CG Technical Director
Shuichi Nakahara (Miracle Mile Inc.)
CG Artist
Tomohiro Murayama (Miracle Mile Inc.)
Projection Technical Producer
Teruhisa Uchida (S.C.ALLIANCE Inc.)
Projection Technical Director
Hideharu Takayama (S.C.ALLIANCE Inc.)
Projection 3D Supervisor
Kazunari Takashima (S.C.ALLIANCE Inc.)
Projection Programmer
Masami Yamanashi (S.C.ALLIANCE Inc.)
Ray Kunimoto
Yasuhiro Yamamoto (GRIT)
Tech Director
Tech Director
Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki (BASSDRUM)
Tech Director
Yuma Murakami (BASSDRUM)
Tech Director
Hisayoshi Hayashi (HYS Inc.)
System Developer
Account Director
Daisuke Takahashi (hakuten)
Account Director
Shinji Ohshima (hakuten)
Technical Producer
Takahiro Maeda (HEART-S)
Server Engineer
Tomoki Mitsunaka (HEART-S)
Video Engineer / Producer
Makiko Ishigami (HEART-S)
Lighting Designer
Jiro Yamanishi (HEART-S)
Sound Designer
Masaaki Nakamura (HEART-S)