Dec 09, 2014
ANREALAGE × “Attack on Titan” collaboration T-shirt
"Titanize" T-shirt that reveals a graphic pattern when exposed to sunlight

We have produced and released a special collaboration T-shirt project – ANREALAGE* featuring with Attack on Titan.

This special collaboration – entitled “Being Titan” – was designed by ANREALAGE along with whatever. Featuring men’s and women’s T-shirts in 5 patterns that made from dyes and threads which contain chemical compounds called photochromic. The Titan’s pattern of T-shirts appear once showered with UV rays outdoors, however, the Titan’s pattern returns to white under fluorescent light indoors.

*ANREALAGE is the Japanese fashion brand – Kunihiko Morinaga founded it in 2013. Since his Japan debut, people in the world have been astonishing with his novel fashion designs.
In this year, he debuted Paris Fashion Week (2015 spring/summer collection).

Shintaro Kawakubo ( KODANSHA)
Creative Director
Kunihiko Morinaga ( ANREALAGE)
Graphic Designer
Morio Kitaoka ( KODANSHA)
Takemi Yabuki (
Souta Yamaguchi (
Rui Kurihara / Aoi Morikawa