Jul 04, 2019
Jewel Changi Airport “Blooming Passage”
Flowers bloom in response to people wandering through a hedge maze

Permanent Installation for the Canopy Mazes at Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport.

Jewel is adjacent to the hub of Asia, Changi Airport. This new landmark in Singapore is a huge 10-level jewel-shaped building with an indoor garden, 40-meter-tall waterfall, hotel, and 280 retail and F&B outlets for travelers to enjoy during layovers.

We produced “Blooming Passage”, which is permanently installed in the hedge maze of Canopy Park, located on the top-most floor of the complex. The colorful, motion-activated flowers react to passersby in the maze, offering a unique experience that changes with time.

Creative Agency / Production
Executive Producer
Business Producer
Creative Director
Art Director / Designer
Business Producer(Singapore representative)
Akiyasu Takaseki (FUTUREK SG PTE LTD)
Technical Director
Masataka Kimura (TASKO inc.)
System design / Design Engineer
Tatsuo Hayashi (TASKO inc.)
Design Engineer
Masaki Sato (TASKO inc.)
Production Manager, Design Engineer
Kayo Watanabe (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Production Manager
Jingyi Wang (TASKO inc.)
Device Engineer
Ryota Okiyama (TASKO inc.)
Device Engineer
Flower Design
Takeo Kitazawa (TASKO inc.)
Flower Design
Sayaka Imaizumi (MY'S)
3D Designer
Takuma Sakagawa (riversault)
Assistant Engineer
Yui Nakamura (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer
Ryoichi Sakata (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer
Ryo Inomata (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer
Tsunehiko Sasada (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer
Kenta Suzuki (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer
Katsuhiko Tabei (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer
Souma Nagahara (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer
Kohei Tone (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer
Marika Sato (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer
Ami Takahashi (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer
Azumi Kutsuwa (TASKO inc.)
Assistant Engineer
Kazuhiro Koshiba (KOSHIBA SHOKUDO)
Assistant Engineer
Yusuke Ide (TASKO inc.)
Artificial flower production cooperation