Jan 31, 2020
Redesign and management of an office building including co-working space

WHEREVER is a Creative Commune launched as a joint project by WTFC and Whatever. We were responsible for the design/architectural design of the entire building and the signboard design.

This is our production base and it also features a variety of amenities such as a coworking space, fabrication space, gallery, kitchen, and event space. It’s a place where people from all over the world who love making things can be active beyond the boundaries of organizations and communities and create content, services, and products.

We are currently accepting applications for a few new residents in the coworking space and fabrication space, so please contact us if you are interested.

We plan to host a variety of projects in the galleries on the 1st and 2nd floor, as well as in the event space and kitchen, so if you would like to use this venue for a presentation, please contact us.


Executive Producer/Planner
Creative Director
Architect (Co-creator)
Ikue Nomura (Makeshift, inc.)
Koji Sato (SKD Inc.)
Business Director/Planner
Sign Designer
Technical Advisor
Yuma Murakami (BASSDRUM)
Space Designer 2F
Space Designer 2F
Space Designer 2F
Furniture Designer 6F
Ryohei Murakami (studioBOWL)
Furniture Designer 1F
Keisuke Ikeya (CDP)