Mar 31, 2015
Lyric Speaker
Speaker that displays lyrics animations in sync with the music

Thanks to digital music distribution, we can now listen to music anytime we want. But gone are the days when people connected to songs by reading the lyrics on album covers and booklets.

Together with SIX , we developed “Lyric Speaker”—a wireless audio speaker where the words of a song appear on the translucent glass display while the song is being played. The Lyric Speaker was created to be both a decorative piece and a new audio-visual experience.

We received “Best Bootstrap Company” at SXSW and succeeded in commercializing the product, which now sells throughout Japan, USA, and Europe.

Lyric Speaker Canvas
Lyric Speaker Box

Good Design Award 2019, Best100
SXSW, Accelerator awards Best Bootstrap
Trade and Industry Innovative Technologies Award
Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum Senses Exhibition

Technical Director & Programmer