Sep 12, 2019
Challenges you to conduct the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra virtually

We have planned and produced a music video smartphone game, “ROCKMAN 20 XX 〜Fight! TEAM SHACHI〜” released in September. This game is a collaborative project of a super “kawaii” Japanese girl band, TEAM SHACHI and the action game series, ROCKMAN (English title: MEGAMAN) which has been popular in the last three decades.

The world of this super tough smartphone game unfolds with TEAM SHACHI’s newly released “Rocket Queen feat. MCU” as its music. The game is designed based on MEGA MAN 2 with the theme of “MEGA MAN after 30 years”. You can see good old boss characters Metalman and Airman from MEGA MAN 2, not to mention MEGA MAN himself, all appear as their aged version. You won’t get to hear the entire music unless you have cleared all stages, manipulating the 4 members of TEAM SHACHI. (When stuck, check out the Video)

Result (Closed on August 31, 2023)
Total Plays: 1,002,085
Clears: 5,492
Clearance rate: 0.54%

Planning / Production
Creative Director / Director
Executive Producer
Art Director / Designer
Technical Director
Web Designer / UI Designer
System Engineer / Hi-Gamer
Game Director / Animation Director
sou Otsuki
Pixel Designer
Pixel Designer
Game Engineer
Frontend Engineer
Game Master
Composer (Ending Music)