Business / Strategic Director
Kei Kaneko

Kei has a unique mixed background; born in Tokyo and raised in Caracas, Tokyo, Cairo, London. And so is his career – after majoring in architecture in university, he has worked in domestic and foreign agencies, as an account manager and strategic planner, from brand communications through sales promotion and PR, with diverse brands from a mint tablet to an insurance giant, all of which made him a multi-cultural, cross-functional talent.
His extensive experience includes working with top-tier brands such as Airbnb, Shopify, IKEA, P&G and AIG Insurance, bringing in lots of awards to his former agency, TBWAHAKUHODO.
At the same time, Kei works at Life is Tech ! Inc., an EdTech startup based in Tokyo, as a branding and marketing expert – striving for the better future through education and creativity.