Aug 04, 2022
“Bridge To Possibility” for AT&T Discovery District
Video art piece created for a giant digital wall located at AT&T's global headquarters.

We created “Bridge To Possibility,” an hour-long video art piece for a giant digital wall (H: 31 meters, W: 25 meters) located in the Discovery District at the AT&T headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Nearly 17 million children in the States face the “homework gap,” being unable to access digital learning because their families don’t have an Internet connection or device to support it. “Bridge to Possibility” represents the motive behind AT&T’s commitment to bridging this gap: to provide Internet access through AT&T’s network, enable more children to participate in digital learning, and expand their possibilities for the future.

Over the course of an hour, this film depicts 17 million individual points in a three-dimensional space – each point representing one of the 17 million children that are affected by the homework gap. Lines grow from point to point connecting each “child” to the AT&T network, and as the network spreads, they start to form the shapes of the students and their expanding imaginations.

Creative Production
Creative Director
Business Director
Translator / Researcher
Administrative Support
Administrative Support
Misako Tanimoto
Administrative Support
Director / Technical Director
Shunsaku Ishinabe (WOW)
CG designer
Ryoichi Kuboike (WOW)
CG Producer
Yasuaki Matsui (WOW)
CG Producer
Toshihiko Sakata
CG Designer
Satoshi Mitobe
Nanako Kawasaki
Editor / Colorist
Takashi Hirukawa (STROBE RUSH)
Yoshinobu Okino
Takaaki Ozaki (herewego)