Sep 30, 2020
Exporting the unexplored concept of "educational manga" from Japan to the world

If textbooks were in a comic book format, it would give you a more accessible learning experience with “Aha!” moments. That is the idea behind the “Aha! Comics,” a newly launched service that aims to make such comics available worldwide, raising the education level globally. Whatever Inc. is involved in planning, service branding, logo design, and overall creative supervision.

As the first step, we launched the service in Berlin, Germany. 3,000 copies of learning-comics were donated to elementary schools and libraries in Berlin to help kids learn multiplication in the early elementary grades. It is also available for free on our website.

The comic book was designed under the supervision of elementary school teachers in Berlin to make arithmetic familiar to kids. The math equations they encounter in daily lives were woven into its storyline to make it easier to digest, with both text and diagrams.

We plan to extend this more accessible, enjoyable learning method to a broader range of people, regardless of age, gender, and nationality. Character licensing business is also in our scope. As we advance, we develop different content and applications for elementary education, including maths, language, and other content that drive learning.

Creative Production
Founder / Chief Editor
Shoko Tanaka
Executive Producer
Daiji Yoshida (WTFC Inc.)
Miwa Harada (WTFC Inc.)
Creative Director
Creative Director
Business Director
Brand Designer
Technical Director
Comic Artist
Genki Takada
Translator / Researcher
Mariko Kitai
Translator / Researcher
Sakuya Iwakawa
Copy Writer
Kiyoshi Runze (Momonga)