Feb 25, 2021
Appier “The Little Match Girl”
First brand commercial for Appier, an AI technology company from Taiwan

Appier is a technology company from Taiwan that provides AI-based marketing solutions and one of the 50 companies leading the AI revolution by Fortune magazine. Whatever created its first brand commercial.

To convey the Appier brand in a way that is easy to understand and appealing to anyone, we turned the sad story of “The Little Match Girl,” which everyone knows, into a business success story with the power of Appier. The convincing visual that draws the viewers into the world of the old tale was shot remotely in Eastern Europe. We focused on representing the idea of “AI prediction,” the core technology of Appier. The resulting commercial intuitively and impactfully explains how AI empowers businesses.

Creative Production
Creative Director
Creative Director
Business/Strategic Director
Executive Producer
Daiji Yoshida (WTFC Inc.)
Ami Mochizuki (WTFC Inc.)
Production Manager
Eri Kanzaki (WTFC Inc.)
Film Director
Director of Photography
Petar Kostov
Key Grip
Vihar Nikolov
Production Designer
Wardrobe Stylist
Line Producer Sofia Unit
Alexander Kenanov (B2Y Productions)
Production Manager Sofia Unit
Daniel Vasev (B2Y Productions)
Offline Editor
Keisuke Takahashi (Borocco)
Online Editor
Kaoru Suzuki (Studio Interfield)
Masahiro Ishiyama (Digital Garden)
Music Producer
Erik Reiff (audioforce)
Music Producer
Kenny Dallas (audioforce)