Apr 01, 2022
Branding for femtech startup "Cradle" that supports corporate DEI initiatives

We developed and created the brand logo, tagline, manifesto, and key visuals, and business tool designs for the startup company “Cradle,” which supports the promotion of DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) through resolving health issues for working women.

Cradle is a startup founded by the artist Sputniko! with the mission to create a society where everyone can thrive by addressing the health issues faced by working women.

Women’s health issues such as menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause are often overlooked within companies, with minimal support available. This situation not only limits the potential of women but also deprives companies of the diversity necessary for innovation. Cradle is tackling this societal issue through its DEI promotion support services centered around healthcare.

The logo, which simply evokes the image of its company name “cradle,” serves as a motif representing not only fertility care, which was the company’s core business at the time of its establishment, but also symbolizes the “smiles” of people and the “circle yet to be completed,” signifying the DEI-powered society that Cradle strives for.

In addition to this brand logo, we created the brand taglines, manifesto, key visuals, business card designs, slide templates, and Zoom background images, as well as providing consultation on their marketing communication initiatives.

Planning / Production
Executive Creative Director
Creative Director
Tatsuya Ishikawa
Art Director
Strategic Director