Producer (Co-creator)
Ting-Chi Wang

Ting-Chi received her MA in Museum Studies from New York University. Prior to founding Local Methodology in 2014, she interned and worked at several museums in New York City, such as the Brooklyn Museum, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and the Museum of Chinese in America, and served at the Department of Cultural Affairs at Taipei City Government and the curatorial firm Archicake Design in Taipei after returning to Taiwan. In 2018, Ting-Chi started working with Party Taipei (predecessor of Whatever Taipei) as a project-based producer. In 2020, she officially joined Whatever as a Co-creator.

About “Co-creator”:
Co-creator is a new way of working which allows one to be an employee of the company while keeping his/her professional activities (as a freelancer or an artist) outside.
Please follow this link (Japanese) for details.