Jun 18, 2021
Uber Eats Taiwan Tonight, I’ll Be Eating 2021
Integrated brand campaign for Uber Eats Taiwan

For the second year in a row, Whatever Taipei and Special Group have teamed up to roll out Uber Eats Taiwan’s “Tonight, I’ll be Eating…” campaign.

This year, we invited the queen of badminton, Tzu-Ying Tai, and Taiwan’s best known comedian, Hank Chen, to be the first duo of the year. The scene for the campaign is set at the courtyard of a traditional Taiwanese house, a nostalgic place just like grandma’s house for many. In the campaign, the stars bond over badminton games as they share their favorite Taiwanese food and compare their workout routines.

In addition to TV commercials, we also created a rich repertoire of social content, including videos of Tai pulling off a smash challenge and Hank showcasing his dance skills, delivering not only tons of fun and laughs to the audience, but high relatability for Uber Eats’s brand image.

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Nikki Tsao (Palace Film)
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Abow Chu (Palace Film)
Make-up (Hank)
Jade Lee (Palace Film)
Hairstylist (Hank)
Ben Kuong (UNDER hair) (Palace Film)
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Willy You, Cooper Hsu (Suntan Production)
CY Chiu, Yu Chien Chen (Suntan Production)
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