Dec 08, 2020
Uber Eats Taiwan Groceries. Like that!
Teaser movie for the service launch of Uber Eats Taiwan's grocery delivery

After the success of our “Tonight, I’ll be eating…” campaign, Whatever Taipei and Special Group Australia are teaming up again to roll out a series of teasers for the pilot market of Uber Eats’ global grocery delivery campaign: “Groceries. Like that!”

The campaign features a collection of scenarios that resonate with local consumers’ lives and needs. We see Uber Eats respond to every need almost magically in the 10-second videos. The videos are fast-paced and upbeat, conveying the promptness, convenience, and on-demand nature of the delivery service. Staying true to the brand’s ever smart and humorous style and visual representation, “Groceries. Like that!” announces a new era in grocery shopping.

Uber Eats Taiwan
Global Agency
Special Group
Creative Partner Agency
Whatever Inc.
Creative Director
Tsui Ho
Rachel Wu
Creative Support
Account Director
Shika Hsieh
Film Producer
Manageing Director
Global Agency
Executive Creative Director
Tom Martin (Special Group)
Executive Creative Director
Julian Schreiber (Special Group)
Creative Director
Jade Manning (Special Group)
Creative Director
Vince Osmond (Special Group)
Team Leader
Eileen Cosgrove-Moloney (Special Group)
Bussiness Director
Laura Little (Special Group)
Senior Producer
Paul Johnston (Special Group)
Integrated Producer
Steph Wilkinson (Special Group)
Film Production
Hong Bin Chen (BOKU Films)
Executive Producer
Suzil Hsiao (BOKU Films)
Executive Producer
Shen Lye (BOKU Films)
Line Producer
Yao Chen (BOKU Films)
Line Producer
Owen Pan (BOKU Films)
Director of Photography
Cliff Tang (BOKU Films)
Focus Puller
Hsu Sheng Hsin (BOKU Films)
Tung Chung An (BOKU Films)
Art Director
Chen Po Jen (BOKU Films)
Assistant Art Director
Chang Li-Ling (BOKU Films)
Food Stylist
Rita Wang (BOKU Films)
Food Stylist
Hsiao I-Fang (BOKU Films)
Jessica Wang (BOKU Films)
Camera Equipment
Lighting Equipment
Arthur Yang (BOKU Films)
Foresight (BOKU Films)
Sound Recordist
Pixelfly Digital Sound, LAPCC (BOKU Films)