Corporate Development Director
Yuta Inoue

After working at McKinsey as a management consultant in Japan, the U.S. and Europe, he became an independent consultant, supporting corporate transformations. In 2014, he joined TBWA HAKUHODO and founded its startup studio, QUANTUM, where he worked as a CSO and CIO in charge of joint business development and investment with corporates and startups.

He also has experience in social, public, and academic sectors, such as establishing a foundation to support the leadership development of youth affected by disasters, initiating the Ministry of Education’s first public-private collaboration “Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative” and supporting the SDGs Design Unit as a visiting associate professor at Kyushu University.

He has been with Whatever since 2020, leading the transformation strategy and investment. He is currently a partner at the design firm KESIKI INC. and a quantum Executive Fellow, as well as a member of the jury and unit leader of the Good Design Award.