Apr 09, 2021
FLOCK – No Party For Cao Dong Edition
Interactive fan engagement website

We have created an interactive website for the well-known Taiwanese indie band No Party For Cao Dong.

The website invites fans to drift alongside the band members in an expanse of aquatic virtual reality in just a few simple steps. We fulfilled the client’s request to “connect with the fans in unconventional ways” by leveraging our recent work FLOCK, an interactive installation created for Hong Kong’s design festival deTour in 2020, into a new iteration directly shaped by the band’s music style and values. Once they have uploaded their full-body portraits, the fans turn into avatars and stream together with the band members and other participants into the quivering darkness of the website’s virtual world.


Creative Director
Project manager
Front-end Development
Website production
Design Director
Chi-Chen Yang
Back-end Development
Website production
Hybridmind ltd
Tech Director
Amo Yeh