Jan 13, 2021
Uber Eats Taiwan Groceries. Like that! 2021
Teaser movie for the service launch of Uber Eats Taiwan's grocery delivery

We announce the official television and OOH ad campaign, to bring to life Uber Eats’ global marketing platform “Groceries. Like that!”

Following the rollout of teaser videos in 2020, Whatever Taipei and Special Group announce the official television and OOH ad campaign, to bring to life Uber Eats’ global marketing platform “Groceries. Like that!” in Taiwan. Stylishly witty and light-hearted, the campaign emphasizes the vast selection of products available on Uber Eats and the prompt delivery times of the on-demand grocery shopping service through the eyes of an urban cat devotee, a new dad, and a millennial couple who binge watch Korean TV dramas.

Uber Eats Taiwan
Global Agency
Special Group
Creative Partner Agency
Film Production Company
Palace Film
OOH/Social Production Company
Creative Director
Tsui Ho
Account Director
Film Producer
Associate Project Manager
Managing Director
Executive Creative Director
Tom Martin (Special Group)
Executive Creative Director
Julian Schreiber (Special Group)
Creative Director
Jade Manning (Special Group)
Creative Director
Vince Osmond (Special Group)
Team Leader
Eileen Cosgrove-Moloney (Special Group)
Bussiness Director
Caity Cowper (Special Group)
Executive Broadcast Producer
Paul Johnston (Special Group)
Integrated Producer
Steph Wilkinson (Special Group)
Director Hong-Bin Chen
Hong Bin Chen (Palace Film)
Executive Producer
Phillip Chen (Palace Film)
Executive Producer
Wilder Tsai (Palace Film)
Line Producer
Jean Tseng (Palace Film)
Assistant Producer
Fang-Yi Lee (Palace Film)
Assistant Producer
Ming-Fang Liu (Palace Film)
Assistant Producer
Skyler Chen (Palace Film)
Assistant Producer
Kuo-Jung Chang (Palace Film)
Director of Photography
Yu-Yu Tang (Palace Film)
Focus Puller
Camera Team
Cong-Min Chen (Palace Film)
Camera Team
Che-Ming Chang (Palace Film)
Camera Team
Wei-Hao Chin (Palace Film)
Chung-An Tung (Palace Film)
Best Boy
Guan-Yu Chen (Palace Film)
Best Boy
Wun-Zong Lee (Palace Film)
Best Boy
Guan-Yan Lee (Palace Film)
Best Boy
Hong-Chang Lu (Palace Film)
Best Boy
Guei-Huang Chen (Palace Film)
Hsin-Ming Huang (Palace Film)
Art Director
Johnny Chen (Palace Film)
Assistant Art Director
Wade Chen (Palace Film)
Assistant Art Director
Stacy Lu (Palace Film)
Assistant Art Director
Ting Hsuan Lee (Palace Film)
Set Coordinator
All-in Studio Team (Palace Film)
Food Stylist
Rita Wang (Palace Film)
Storyboard Artist
Emin Lin (Palace Film)
Chun-Ting Huang (Palace Film)
Assistant Stylist
Chu-Chun Yang (Palace Film)
Nimo Tung (Palace Film)
Yu-Fang Ding (Palace Film)
Chia-Ling Wei (Palace Film)
MiuMiu Hu (Palace Film)
Jack Lee (Palace Film)
Talents(Cat Slave)
Patty Chu (Palace Film)
Talents(Elegant Dad)
Stephen Jung (Palace Film)
Hand Model
Chia-Cheng Chuang (Palace Film)
Hand Model
Wan-Yun Yu (Palace Film)
Lighting Equipment
LAPCC Inc. (Palace Film)
Camera Equipment
LAPCC Inc. (Palace Film)
Pei-Jun Wang (Palace Film)
Foresight (Palace Film)
Sound Recordist
Cozi Sound (Palace Film)
Project manager
James Tung (WebGene)
Jimmy Shi (WebGene)
Art Director
Vicky Lu (WebGene)
Art Director
Kin Chen (WebGene)
Creative Director
Domingo Yo (WebGene)
Maxi Ho (WebGene)