By “thinking and making” under one roof, we strive to create beautiful and unexpected experiences that capture the imagination of our audiences and move business forward. We collaborate with partners of all shapes and sizes and compete against the voice in our heads telling us we can always do better.

Imagination without borders.
We have been engaged in a wide variety of creative projects that have produced results, regardless of the domain. We have been involved in a wide range of creative projects, from strategic creative work such as brand visioning and brand issue identification, to communication development such as TV commercials and digital campaigns, to content production such as TV programs and product design, and from shop design to permanent airport installations.
These seemingly unrelated fields of creative development are actually the same in terms of the ideas they require and the technical and production skills needed to realize them. In fact, through our experience in various fields, we have developed the development and production skills to deal with any issue. In addition, we are able to look at the issues that need to be solved from a holistic perspective that is not bound by genre, and we are able to find the best ideas and implement the best solutions.

Planning and Production Experience

- Branding
  • Brand logo
  • Brand guidelines
  • Vision statement
- Product
  • Product concepts
  • Product design
  • Web services
  • Prototyping
- Marketing
  • TV commercials
  • OOH
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Events
  • Installations
- Content
  • Music videos,
  • TV shows
  • AR/VR content
- Space
  • Permanent exhibitions
  • Shop design
  • Event design
Breaking down barriers between ideation and realization
At Whatever, we believe that “thinking and creating” together is the way to bring new ideas to life. To do this, you won’t get there by just thinking like a creative agency or consulting firm, and you won’t get there by just creating like a production company. Thinking about an idea that you have never seen before and immediately testing whether it can be realized. At the end of such a process that goes beyond the realm of “thinking” and “making”, an idea that has never been seen before can be realized. In order to do so, Whatever has the talent to think and create.
Co-development, in-house projects and creative investment
Unless you’ve done it before, you can’t say that you really understand the process. If we are doing branding and product development for a client, we should've had experienced the process ourselves and understand it with our bodies as well as our minds. With this thought, we at Whatever are actively working on our own product development and joint business development with our clients. Whatever’s business support includes product development and R&D support for various brands, as well as branding and investment for startups.
R&D / Consultation
By taking part in the initial stages, we assist companies in developing new businesses and products/services for the future, providing one-stop-shop support that includes consulting, planning, R&D, and prototype production.