May 07, 2020
WFH Jammies
Half business, half relaxation. A new kind of roomwear for remote workers

Half business, half relaxation. We planned and produced new kind of jammies for remote workers “WFH (Work From Home) Jammies”.

As the COVID-19 rages around the world, many companies are encouraging people to work remotely from home, and video conferencing using such tools as Zoom, Skype, and others has become commonplace. Remote work allows you to work in the comfort of your own home and jammies. However, it’s a little troublesome to have to change clothes only when you go on a video conference…

WFH Jammies is a room wear solution to the problems of remote workers. It is designed with a formal style that is only visible on the video but loose & comfy outside the frame, making it a stress-free solution for wake-up presentations and client meetings before bed.

In addition, we had the cooperation of Akihiko Kimura, the designer of the Japanese fashion brand LOKITHO, who was in charge of the design and production of the clothes. We are not only interested in product ideas, but also design and comfort.

You can also find them on Whatever’s Online Store.

The first (finished) Kickstarter
Sales period: May 7 – 21, 2020

[Store Locations]
New Stand Tokyo
Address: WHEREVER 1F, 7-2-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Google Map)

2021 iF Design Award, Finalist
金點設計獎 -Golden Pin Design Award 2021- Product Design Category , Prize
Work From Home Hack Award, 藤原 麻里菜賞

Creative Director
Art Director/Designer
Fashion Designer
Akihiko Kimura (LOKITHO)
Shintaro Nakamura (SCHEMA,inc.)