Whatever is able to support branding and content development across borders and cultures by leveraging our experience in supporting various brands on the global stage. With four offices (Tokyo, New York, Taiwan, and Berlin) and personnel with extensive global experience, we can plan and produce brand communications and products that can be used worldwide.

Extensive experience in domestic
and overseas projects
At Whatever, we can provide cross-border branding and business development support, leveraging our experience in working with a wide range of brands around the world. We can help companies that are looking to expand from Japan to the world or enter the Japanese market from abroad with our four global offices in Tokyo, New York, Taiwan and Berlin.
Creative support for Japanese companies entering a foreign market
Creative support for overseas companies entering the Japanese market
World-class creative team
We have creators and producers who have achieved success in corporate marketing, art, entertainment, branding and business development around the world. With the knowledge of successful creative development in the areas of brand communication, product development, and business development, we provide appropriate support for our partner companies in accordance with their business conditions and growth stage.