Our Co-Creator concept allows global talent who don't fit the typical mold of commercial production to have a new kind of representation. Whatever offers talent the clients, network, knowledge, and facilities in Tokyo, Taipei, Berlin and New York. Whether as the lead or creative voice, they can raise their hand to any project that comes into our company, and from that point on, are paid a project-based fee. The flexible work style allows us to pursue dream projects for non-exclusive talent and have global perspectives on every assignment.

Flexible employment options
To ensure that each member of the team can maximize their creativity, we have a Co-Creator system as well as the usual employment structure. In addition to no commitment to the work, everyone is free to use Whatever’s network, knowledge and facilities, and to raise their hand on any project that comes to us. We have a project-based fee structure that starts to accrue from the moment you raise your hand. Our flexible work style allows you to work in a way that suits your career and life stage.
Operating a co-working space
Whatever and WTFC are jointly managing the creative commune WHEREVER, where these rich members can gather. This is not only the work base for Whatever, WTFC, and Bassdrum, but also functions as a place where various creative staff can come and go and co-create through the shared office space on the 5th floor and New Stand Tokyo on the 1st floor.
- 1F
Gallery / Event Space / Showroom
- 2F
Open MTG / Event space / Cafe counter
- 3F
WTFC office
- 4F
4 meeting rooms
- 5F
Coworking space
- 6F
BASSDRUM Office & Shared FAB Space
- 7F
Whatever office
- RF
Rest area
- 01
An eight-story building of about 900 square meters is home to about 70 individual creators and teams.
- 02
In order to gather members who can create synergy among the residents, we strictly screen the residents through portfolio checks and interviews.
- 03
The first floor space (122.6㎡) facing Gaien Higashi Dori is a gallery that can be used by residents.
- 04
On the second floor, there is a lounge with a fully equipped kitchen, which is used as a space for residents to interact and hold various events.
- 05
WTFC, a joint venture between Tohoku Shinsha and Whatever, jointly manages the facility and strives to improve the comfort and hospitality of the residents on a daily basis.