Jan 17, 2020
Wu Tsing-Fong – Music Video
Music video for a popular Asian singer Wu Qing feng's "Spaceship"

We created a music video for “太空船” (Spaceship), the new song by Wu Qing Feng, a singer-songwriter popular all over Asia.

The song uses pieces of 8-bit game music, which inspired Qing Feng to write this song about “Might as well say it’s like a card game / you’ve got to play / life calls all the shots.” The video uses a combination of live-action and animation, to visualize this message. The illustrations were drawn by Hiroshi Abe per Wu’s request, an artist famous for children’s books such as “One Stormy Night” and “The First Zoo Guide for Small Children.”

WTFC (https://wtfc.jp/)
Creative Director / Director
Executive Producer
Han Yang
Associate Creative Director / Assistant Director
Managing Director
Animal Artwork
Asami Takata (WTFC)
Line Producer
Takaaki Ametani (WTFC)
Taipei Unit
Executive Producer
Yu Wen Lu (Dennis Films)
Yi Tie Liu (Dennis Films)
Line Producer
Ligu Wang (Dennis Films)
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Vincent Hsu (Dennis Films)
Production Assistant
Yan Wei Chen (Dennis Films)
Production Assistant
Wei Ting Lin (Dennis Films)
Production Assistant
Brendan Kuang (Dennis Films)
Craft Services
Joan Chen (Dennis Films)
Director of Photography
Hooyashow Chen
1st AC
Wei Cheng Huang
2nd AC
Zheng Yang Wang
2nd AC
Shang Ru Yang
SteadiCam Operator
Kuan Chung Ting
SteadiCam Operator Assistant
Yong Xin Huang
Chung An Tung
Best Boy Electrician
Tan Cheng
Wei Ren Lai
Art Designer
Chi Yeh
Location Coordinator
Vio Lin
Location Coordinator
Chien Ting Tu
Post Production
Taiichiro Kabeya (OND°)
Animation Director
Kazuhisa Kamakura (Shirogumi)
Animation Producer
Shinya Higuchi (Shirogumi)
Makiko Kato (Shirogumi)