Engineer / Programmer (Co-creator)
Makoto Matsutake

Former Flash designer/developer, born and raised in Okinawa. Active on social media as “cellfusion.” After working for a production company in Okinawa, Makoto moved to Tokyo in 2009 and has since taken part in various projects, including Flash/web production and game/application development. He established Driveshavt Inc. in November 2019. He is an engineer who works on not only front-end projects but also VR, AR, AI, and anything else he is asked to do. Makoto loves dogs, udon noodles, and watching Formula 1.

About “Co-creator”:
Co-creator is a new way of working which allows one to be an employee of the company while keeping his/her professional activities (as a freelancer or an artist) outside.
Please follow this link (Japanese) for details.