Mar 08, 2021
New stationery brand created in pursuit of writing comfort

We created the name, logo, and graphic design for the new stationery brand “PERPANEP,” designed with the optimal combination of paper and pen in mind.

“PERPANEP” results from thorough research and development, leveraging Kokuyo’s technology cumulated over the past 110 years, seeking to craft the best interaction between the paper and a pen with the writing comfort so good that it unleashes the user’s creativity. To this end, Kokuyo developed a new set of paper from scratch. The new brand’s initial offerings include three combinations: “TSURU TSURU” paper x “FAINWRITER” pen for sliding, dynamic writing; “SARA SARA” paper x “SARASA CLIP” pen for smooth, comfortable writing; and “ZARA ZARA” paper x “Preppy” pen for a calm writing experience with enjoyable friction sound.

The name “PERPANEP” is an anagram combining PAPER and PEN that embodies the above concept. The logo is also a symbolic representation of the three paper qualities and consists of a visual system that denotes the paper characteristics at a glance.

Planning / Production
Creative Director / Copywriter
Art Director / Designer
Naoko Obi (WTFC)