Planner / Designer (Co-creator)
Shoko Tanaka

Born 1986, Shoko Tanaka is based in Berlin. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Department of Information Design at Tama Art University in 2009, she studied at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design in Denmark for summer school. After returning to Japan, she started her career working at a design consulting firm, and UX/ UI design studio. In 2015, she returned back to Berlin.

Shoko has been awarded the prestigious “Google Best App” Award in 2015. Additionally, she completed “Ayurvedic Chef Training”in Hawaii and South India. As founder of Spicii Chocolate, a creative design studio, as well as Shoko Spoon, a food service business, Shoko actively works in both the design and food service fields.

About “Co-creator”:
Co-creator is a new way of working which allows one to be an employee of the company while keeping his/her professional activities (as a freelancer or an artist) outside.
Please follow this link (Japanese) for details.