Nobu Awata

Based in Taiwan and not only a feature film producer but also has diverse knowledge and technical background in multimedia content for television, music videos, commercials, audio recordings, and concerts .
Nobu combines his experience and language skill in Japanese, English, and Chinese to produce international content, bringing added value to a variety of business projects.

In 2006, he moved to Taipei, and while majoring in computer science and information engineering.
He began his feature film career from the movie “Seediq Bale ” then working at many deferent departments such as Casting, Art, VFX, Production, Director. He attended “KANO” “Silence,” “Midnight dinner Tokyo Stories Season2”, “Namie Amuro Final Episode,” “Master Card- The world’s most usable MasterCard in Taiwan,” “Kracie-lamellance,” ” NHK Today’s Close-up” and so on.