Aug 24, 2012
The Doodle Aquarium
Aquarium for everyone in which the doodle fish come to life and start swimming

The Doodle Aquarium is our second experiential work developed using our very own anyscan® technology. It lets you bring your art to life when you draw on a special doodle card. With the help of the team at Shiodome Innovation Studio (SIS),

Parents and children drew imaginary sea creatures together and scanned the cards under a projector. The hand-drawn images then came to life in a giant digital aquarium; doing somersaults, swimming, and interacting with the users on-site.

We were able to showcase this installation at the Sumida Aquarium and Matsuya Ginza in 2012.

Creative Director
Shinji Muto (SIS)
Planner / Copywriter
Yosuke Murai (SIS)
Planner / Designer / SE Composer
Art Director / Character Designer
Emi Kubota (SIS)
Graphic Designer
Sayaka Shiotani (coconoe inc.)
Technical Director / Programmer
BGM Composer
Tsuyoshi Okii (arfox)