Apr 05, 2019
Sketch Cook
Recipes emerge from your drawings! Show off your delicious drawings to everyone!

Together with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, we developed a dietary education app that transforms photographs of children’s illustrations of their favorite meals into images and recipes of actual dishes.


Leveraging Google’s state-of-the-art AI technology and Rakuten Recipe’s extensive archives, the app was able to generate images with high accuracy and educate the user on nutrition. The SketchCook app was also designed to encourage parent-child communication through the process of preparing nutritionally balanced meals together.

Creative Director
Ryutaro Seki (Dentsu Inc.)
Tomoko Ishibashi (Dentsu Inc.)
Art Director
Digital Creative
Ai Sakamoto (Dentsu Inc.)
UX/UI Designer
Yusuke Nishida (Dentsu Inc.)
Account Executive
Hideki Fukuchi (Dentsu Inc.)
Account Executive
Takuya Shiomi (Dentsu Inc.)
PR Planner
Event Producer
Ryo Nagasawa (DENTSU TEC INC.)
Gene Brutty (Google)
Tim Seddon (Google)
Creative Strategy
Joe Fry (Google)
Bryan Tanaka (Google)
Yosuke Suzuki (Google)
Communication Planner
Shinsaku Ogawa (meet & meet)
Production Manager
Kanami Yamaguchi (meet & meet)
Technical Director/Machine Learning
Nao Tokui (Qosmo)
Machine Learning
Robin Jungers (Qosmo)
Machine Learning
Yuma Kajihara (Qosmo)
Mobile Application Engineer
Junya Yamada (Coconoe Inc.)
Mobile Application Engineer / Markup Engineer
Ryuki Nagahora (BASSDRUM)
Markup Engineer
Reiko Igo (Coconoe Inc.)
Sound Creator
Taeji Sawai
Yuto Tamura (TM INC.)
System Engineer
Yuya Nishioka (MountPosition)
Film Producer
Daisuke Umeyama (Shuhally)
Film Producer
Kenji Sugimoto (TYO Inc.)
Film Director
Yuhei Kanbe (PERIMETRON)