Apr 16, 2019
Suntory -MY FOREST-
Educational website where you can turn your own face into a forest and learn how it works

As part of Suntory’s environmental awareness program, we proposed and created the “My Forest” mobile site.

The site renders the user’s face into a three-dimensional version of a forest, which acts as a watershed for drinking water. All the user has to do is visit the special website, capture or upload a profile photo, and watch it turn into a 3D image containing information of watershed forests. Once generated, the image can be enlarged, rotated and viewed from different angles. Users are also able to share the rendering process and finished image to social media.

Creative Agency & Production
Executive Creative Director
Creative Director
Senior Designer
System Engineer
Engineer / Programmer
Tech Director / Programmer
Hiroaki Yasutomo (SHIFTBRAIN inc.)
Frontend Engineer
Junichi Nishiyama (SHIFTBRAIN inc.)
Motion Designer
Kei Tohoda (Freelance)
Momoko Harada (Freelance)