Oct 11, 2016
Piggyback Driver
Helmets that lets kids drive their dads

Introducing the next generation of piggybacking. This helmet lets kids control their parents while on piggyback, by turning the handle bars on a state-of-the-art racing helmet.
Parents receive directions of which way to go through LED turn signals flashing and vibrating inside the helmet.

Piggyback Driver is equipped with buttons for honking, and even bursts of sound and light. It can also detect the parents’ speed and react with pulses of LED light. The prototype version has been used in advertisements and shown in events like Makers Fair. We are currently looking for manufacturing partners to help us bring Piggyback Driver to market.

Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Tech Director
Jamie Carreiro (PARTY New York)
Design DIrector
Sandra Boeckmann (PARTY New York)
Project Manager
Lydia Chuang (PARTY New York)
Designer / Programmer / Engineer
Pasquale Totaro (PARTY New York)