Aug 04, 2016
Let's learn programming with Pocky! Guide the character to the goal and learn programming too!

“GLICODE” is an educational app that uses advanced image recognition to turn real food into code to teach kids the fundamentals of programming.

Every packet of Pocky turns into bite-sized programming lessons where kids can lay out and arrange their snacks, capture the sequence and watch it turn into code that moves a character through increasingly complex challenges. The app has around 40 courses and covers three basic programming principles: “BASIC SYNTAX”, “LOOPS” and “IF STATEMENTS”. We designed the website and the app UI/UX with easy to understand visual language to make GLICODE a fun experience for kids.

・Jury Selection: 21st Japan Media Arts Festival – Entertainment
・Gold and 7 other prizes: Spikes Asia 2017 – MOBILE – A03 AUGMENTED MOBILE EXPERIENCE
・Silver: ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards 2017 – Interactive category
・Grand Prix and 9 other prizes: AD STARS 2017 – Mobile – Mobile applications / Mobile games
・Grand Prix: Code Award 2017
・Bronze: Cannes Lions 2017 International Festival of Creativity – PR and Mobile categories
・Dentsu Award: 70th Dentsu Advertising Award – Digital Media Advertising
・Bronze: ADC 96th Annual Award – Digital Apps – Education / Reference
・Gold: THE 2017 WOMMY AWARD – Technology Implementation Award
・【ADC 96th ANNUAL Award】Digital Apps – Education / Reference BRONZE CUBE
・【THE 2017 WOMMY AWARD】Technology Implementation Award GOLD Winner