Nov 27, 2020
deTour “FLOCK”
Installation that lets you fly together with the flock of people around the world

We collaborated with the Hong Kong design event “deTour 2020” to plan and produce the art installation “FLOCK.”

COVID-19 has completely changed our lives. The pandemic makes it hard for people to connect and meet like they used to, which is ironic as we are supposedly living in a “connected world.”

We wanted to create an experience that can somehow bring people back together to celebrate the joy of being together again, in the form of an art piece. With this in mind, we came up with an idea to create a digital art installation where people from around the world can join a gigantic flock of flying people by taking a photo of themselves. We built a photo booth where people can stand and take a full body photo. The person in the image will then flap its arms and fly up to join into the flock of others flying on a giant digital screen.

Since some people may not be able to attend deTour physically because of the COVID situation, an online version of the art installation was also created.

People can access the website, take or upload photos with their smartphone, and see themselves joining thousands of other “flying people” in a virtual world just like the onsite installation.

Also, we created custom-made FLOCK notebooks collaborating with Moleskine for this event.

Planning / Production
Whatever Inc.
Creative Director
Design Director
Front-end Development
Design Director
Chi-Chen Yang (Play Design Lab)
Ling Yang
Back-end Development
Tech Director
Amo Yeh (Hybridmind ltd.)
deTour 2020
Shin Wong (deTour 2020)
Curatorial Team
Trilingua Design (deTour 2020)
Key Visual Design
Website Design & Development
WEEWUNGWUNG (deTour 2020)
Exhibition Design
Architecture Commons Limited (deTour 2020)
Exhibitions Technical Producer
SKY YUTAKA (deTour 2020)
Production House
Dazed Pro Limited (deTour 2020)
Media Relations & Communications
Project Director
William To (PMQ)
Associate Director
Diana Man (PMQ)
Project Team
Sharon Cheng, Jack Pun, Jenah Chan, Rachel Chan, Freda Chau, Kenix Ho, Amber Kei, Kayan Lee, Isabella Leung, Kristin Yeung (PMQ)