Oct 07, 2015
DoReMi Insect Hunt
Let's catch and collect music beetles with a butterfly net and complete a song!

For this project, we partnered with Button Inc. to create a product that includes a customized sweep net and badge-like objects representing specific insects. To play, children hunt and collect insects by covering the objects with the net. The captured insects will appear on the iPad, which acts like a cage that plays insect sounds when shaken. To listen to the insects play a melody, the child has to complete the task of collecting all the insects.

We developed this product for department stores to drive in-store foot traffic by encouraging parents follow their children around the venue on an insect hunt.

・【デジタルえほんアワード2019】矢部 太郎賞 受賞

Director / Designer / Product Design / Composer
Kazuo Uratani (BUTTON INC)
Programmer / Electric Engineer
Koji Kimura (BUTTON INC)
Saori Kosaka (BUTTON INC)
Electric Engineer / Product Design
Ryuki Nagahora (BASSDRUM inc.)
Product Design
Yoshimi Kano (coconoe inc.)