Oct 07, 2015
White Squad
MTV's PSA campaign

White Squad” was part of MTV’s “Look Different” PSA campaign, created bring the younger generation’s attention to the existence of White Privilege in the USA.

We launched the project as a multi-media, multi-technology campaign to reach the broadest audience possible and maximize the opportunities for delivering our message. A 90-second spot aired on MTV and partner channels and was also released online. A fully realized website accompanied the TV commercial, providing greater depth and detail. Twitter and Facebook accounts helped round out the fictional world of White Squad, and a working, automated toll-free phone number completed the illusion.

Launching White Squad on multiple platforms not only solidified our fiction but also meant that a wide variety of demographics could experience at least some part of the campaign. The campaign felt so real that people were getting stunned, resulting in thousands of comments and discussions. White Squad was also named by the Guardian as one of the 10 best ads of 2015.

Executive Creative Director
Creative Director / Copywriter
Jamie Carreiro (PARTY New York)
Technical Director
Qanta Shimizu
Technical Director
Design Director
Executive Producer
Jamie Nami Kim (PARTY New York)
Project Manager
Suzette Lee (PARTY New York)
Evan Silver (Reform School)
Howard Grandison (Reform School)
Executive Producer
Joshua Greenberg (Reform School)
Aaron Rosenbloom (Reform School)
Director of Photography
Clint Byrne (Reform School)
Art Director
Nicole Heffron (Reform School)
Editorial Company
Nomad Editing Co. (Reform School)
Tyler Peck (Reform School)
Executive Producer
Tommy Murov (Reform School)
Senior Producer
Weston Ver Steeg (Reform School)
Assistant Editor
James Lee (Reform School)