Oct 07, 2015
Craft Gakki
Magical device that turns your doodles into musical instruments!

Launched in collaboration with Button Inc., “Craft Gakki” is a product that turns hand-drawn art into functioning, noise-making musical instruments.

Just use a conductive ink pen to draw shapes or lines on the special card, attach the customized device to the card, sync the device up to a smartphone via bluetooth, and play. The app will react to the user’s gesture on the paper instruments by generating music through the smartphone. There are 4 kinds of sounds available (trumpet, drums, piano, guitar) and users can have fun with a solo or group performance.

Director / Programmer / Electric Engineer / Product Design
Koji Kimura (BUTTON INC)
Kazuo Uratani (BUTTON INC)
Programmer / Electric Engineer
Saori Kosaka (BUTTON INC)
Junya Yamada (coconoe inc.)
Yoshimi Kano (coconoe inc.)
Product Design
Shinsuke Kitomi (BUTTON INC)
Director / Designer / Composer