Aug 01, 2015
The Doodle Monsters
Summon your doodle monster into a battle game where you attack and defeat your opponent with the voice commands!

“The Doodle Monsters” allows the user to create their own monsters to take part in a virtual duel. To play, the user draws a monster character on a special card and sets it on a spell book. For the monster to appear on screen, the player has to summon the character by yelling through a built-in microphone. Once the duel commences, players fight each other by controlling their characters through voice command and by placing their hands over the book.

The project was a hit and was well received at events and by the media.

Director / Designer / Composer
Flash Engineer / Programmer
Junya Yamada (coconoe inc.)
Flash Engineer / Programmer
Electric Engineer
Ryuki Nagahora (BASSDRUM inc.)
Yoshimi Kano (coconoe inc.)