Apr 19, 2022
Snap Singapore
Photobooth that discovers a place in Singapore perfectly matched to your style

In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board and TBWA Singapore, we have created “Snap Singapore”, an interactive photo booth that will help you find the perfect place to visit in Singapore.

The program detects the color of clothes, and finds a sightseeing spot that matches the detected colors among the many colorful sightseeing spots in Singapore. Photos of the matched sightseeing spot will be composited with the subject and printed out on the spot.It can also upload the generated photos to the webpage, and it allows you to get the location and information of the found sightseeing spot by accessing the shared photo webpage via QR code on the print.

The photo booths were installed at international tourism events in many countries, such as Singapore, the United States, Barcelona, and Hong Kong, and many visitors experienced it.

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