Dec 24, 2021
AR Snowman's Holiday Campaign: Send Him to the Loved Ones as a Greeting Card

For the holiday season of 2021, we created the “HERMÈS MERRY SNOWMAN” campaign, where you can dress up an AR snowman with your favorite items and send him out to your loved ones as a 3D motion greeting card. You could also watch him sing and dance to Christmas songs in stores.

You access the campaign site with a smartphone to first dress up the snowman with Hermès products and Christmas items, then add a text message to create a digital message card. When the recipient opens the box, the snowman created by you pops up in AR and delivers the message with adorable gestures and performances.

In Ginza, Omotesando, Shinsaibashi, and other Hermès stores across Japan, the MERRY SNOWMAN appeared as a life-size AR, singing and dancing to Christmas tunes, acting as a choir or jumping up on a sleigh, delivering a magical experience for people on the streets and customers visiting the stores alike.

Creative Partner Agency
Ryo Yamashita (Whatever)
Executive Creative Director
Masashi Kawamura (Whatever)
Creative Director
Shinya Fujiwara (Whatever)
Ryo Yamashita (Whatever)
Art Director / Designer
Yuichi Takatani (Whatever)
Comomo Kanayama (Whatever)
Technical Director / Programmer
Tatsuya Kida (Whatever)
Technical Director / Programmer
Ken Murayama (BASSDRUM)
Technical Director / Programmer
Yuma Murakami (BASSDRUM)
System Engineer
Takanobu Izukawa (Whatever)
Frontend Engineer
Makoto Matsutake (driveshaft Inc.)
Frontend Engineer
Eri Matsutake (driveshaft Inc.)
CG Director / Technical Director
Yuji Sato (KASSEN)
CG Producer
Taiyo Sato (KASSEN)
CG Director
Kenta Katsuno (+Ring)
CG Producer
Toshihiko Sakata (+Ring)
Teichi Ota (Whatever)
Ayako Watanabe (Whatever)
Hayato Arakawa (Whatever)