Whatever is a creative studio that aims to conceive unexplored ideas, and bring them to life by whatever means possible.
Based in Tokyo, New York, Taipei, and Berlin, our multidisciplinary team allows us to produce innovative work in various creative fields such as advertising and brand design, to content productions such as TV  shows, products, and service designs.
By “thinking and making” under one roof, we strive to create beautiful experiences that can be talked and endeared by the people around the world.
Global CEO / Founder: 富永 勇亮 (Yusuke Tominaga)
Creative Director / CCO: 川村 真司 (Masashi Kawamura)
Programmer / CTO: Saqoosha (さくーしゃ)


COTODAMA: A joint venture to develop and license Lyric Speaker, co-funded with SIX, WOW and THE GUILD. Whatever also provides technical and management support.
BASSDRUM: The world’s first Technical Directors collective formed by Qanta Shimizu together with the industry-leading Technical Directors in Japan. Financial and management support provided by Whatever.
YUMMY SAKE: Yummy Sake is the unique tasting service to analyze customer’s sake preference using blind tasting and machine learning. Financial and technical support provided by Whatever.
kasa: Kasa is a creative unit specialized in developing interactive experiences for museums and public spaces. Co-founded with Kudos and Conduit in New York.
WTFC: A joint company co-funded and co-managed with Tohokushinsha Film Corporation. Dedicated for the new business development and global creative services as well as co-operating the coworking space “WHEREVER.”