Sep 27, 2023
The Summer Puffer for Tiger Beer
The world's first puffer jacket that keeps you cool in the heat using real, ice-cold Tiger Beer.

Whatever developed the cooling technology behind “The Summer Puffer for Tiger Beer,” a collaboration project between Tiger Beer, BBH Singapore, Le Pub APAC, and fashion designer Izzy Du.

Puffers (or down jackets) have become one of Gen Z’s hottest obsessions, but they’re too warm in mid-summer. So, as the beer that defies the odds, Tiger Beer created the world’s first puffer jacket for the tropics, targeting the fashion-forward generation.

The jacket looks like a regular puffer but has a built-in cooling system. The wearer places an ice-cold can of Tiger Beer into the jacket, which then chills water that is pumped around the wearer’s body via a network of tubes. These tubes make contact with key points where the arteries are closest to the skin, cooling the body down by up to 5°C in the sun.

Inspired by the same tech that keeps astronauts cool in extreme temperatures, Whatever tried a variety of cooling system designs, each making the jacket more effective at keeping the wearer cool for as long as possible. Various tube placements, tube materials, water tank designs and electronic wirings were tested before landing on the final mechanism.

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