Dec 28, 2011
Animation created by filming the actual sperm

“SPERM VISUALIZER” is a film and website created for Space Shower TV’s “Music Saves Tomorrow” campaign. We visualized the concept by having real sperm cells (“the seeds of tomorrow”) dance to the music.

 We actually filmed the sperm belonging to all of the male staff members using a biological microscope, then extracted their shapes and motion data to create the animation. On the website, users may choose their favorite tracks from VIMEO and the sperm will dance along to them.

Interactive Production
Film Production
Creative Director / Technical Director / Film Director / Art Director
Creative Director / Technical Director / Film Director
Technical Director
Daisuke Nakamura (PARTY Tokyo)
Creative Director
Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks)
Gyosei Okada (puzzle inc.)
Production Manager
Katsuhiro Niwa (puzzle inc.)
Filming Support
Art Director
Jeong-ho Im (mount inc.)
Interaction Designer
Takeshiro Umetsu (mount inc.)
Web Director
Yuichi Hagiwara (mount inc.)
VFX Producer
Ken Obayashi
VFX Lead Designer
Nobuhiro Yamazaki
VFX Designer
Yosuke Matsushita
Passepied "Denpa Jack"