Jul 28, 2011
androp“Bright Siren”
Animation using 250 cameras and strobe lights controlled by a program

An interactive music video for the song “Bright Siren” by the Japanese band androp.
Deriving inspiration from the song’s title and lyrics, we came up with the idea of animation done through camera flash strobes to deliver the song’s message of “not letting it to just become memories”.

We made a wall out of 250 cameras and controlled each strobe through a computer program. The result was an amazing display of flashing lights, which were all shot live without the use CG.
Via a designated website, users were able to view the actual photos taken by the cameras during filming and custom create “strobe messages” that can be embedded in the video and shared online.


Digital Production
Digital Production
Film Production
Creative Director + Film Director + Art Director
Original ComicCreative Director + Film Director + Technical Director
Film Director
Masatsugu Nagasoe
Director of Photography
Takayuki Shida
Satoshi Mizoguchi
Set Design
Toshihiko Takashima
Web Director
Roy Ryo Tsukiji
Web Designer
Wookie Choi
System Engineer
Masanori Mori
Yoshihiro Kunihara
Ken Ishizuka
Nobuaki Arikata
Junichi Arakawa
Creative Assistant
Miho Ishizuka
Film Producer
Yasuhito Nakae
Film Producer
Hisaya Kato
Assistant Producer
Takafumi Shindo
Production Manager
Hiroto Hashimoto
Camera Support
Canon Marketing Japan Inc.