Jan 05, 2020
NHK TV program “Designing a Design Museum”
TV program series to support the creation of Japan's first national design museum

We supervised the production of “Designing a Design Museum,” a program which aired as part of the activities of the “Let’s Build a Museum in Japan!” initiative, for which Masashi Kawamura serves as an advisor.

Under the spirit of Issey Miyake and Masanori Aoyagi’s 2012 proposal, a variety of activities have been restarted in order to realize Japan’s first design museum.
With Masashi Kawamura as an advisor, a symposium and public meetings will be held starting in 2019 where everyone will come up with ideas and think about what kind of museum they want to create and what it will look like in concrete terms.

“Designing a Design Museum” considers a question a variety of creative professionals have thought about up until now, “What kind of design museum would you like to build in Japan?” from the perspective of the forefront of the design world. On the show, leading creators discussed the question “What is ‘design’ ?” and the ideal format for a Japanese design museum.

Episode 1
Ooki Sato (Product designer)
Ikuko Yokoyama (Hong Kong M+ design and architecture lead curator)
Kunihiko Morinaga (Fashion Designer)
Tsuyoshi Tane (Architect)
Yugo Nakamura (Interface Designer)

Episode 2
Taku Sato (Graphic Designer)
Kinya Tagawa (Design Engineer)
Koichiro Tsujikawa (Film Artist)
Haruka Misawa (Designer)
Tetsuya Mizuguchi(Game Designer)

Creative Director
Creative Director / Copywriter
Art Director
Director / DP / Editor
Satoshi Oda
Yuuki Ono (WONDROUS inc.)
Mariko Tsutsumi (TAIYO KIKAKU Co., Ltd.)
Production Manager
Production Manager
Motion Graphicker
Opening Motion Graphic Design
Naoki Kumamoto
Opening Motion Graphic Design
Kidai Kato
Offline Editor
Offline Editor
Online Editor
Hidehisa Watanabe (TAIYO KIKAKU Co., Ltd.)
Editor Assistant
Tomoya Itabashi (TAIYO KIKAKU Co., Ltd.)
Editor Assistant
Sound Effect
Masumi Takino (be Blue)
MA Mixer
Yoshinori Nakamura (be Blue)