Feb 15, 2022
Lyric Speaker Box
A new model of next-generation speaker that displays motion graphics that visually reflect the lyric

“Lyric Speaker Box” is the latest generation of the Lyric Speaker that displays lyrics in sync with the music. We created its “Lyric Sync Technology” software, the core and subsystems of the motion graphics generation program built into the product.


The software automatically estimates the lyrics’ emotion and displays the appropriate motion graphics and text in beautiful fonts on a translucent LCD monitor. The resulting music experience harmonizes the visual and auditory senses, giving you the feeling that the artist is right there spinning the words just for you.

Lyric Speaker
Lyric Speaker Canvas

Good Design Award 2019, Best100
SXSW, Accelerator awards Best Bootstrap
Trade and Industry Innovative Technologies Award
Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum Senses Exhibition

Technical Director & Programmer
Server Side Engineer
Takanobu Izukawa (hige)