Nov 14, 2017
7-Eleven Rhythm of Love
Donation box that praises you with applause

Together with ADK Taiwan, we created a Robotic Clapping Wall for 7- ELEVEN Taiwan’s CSR campaign, “Rhythm of Love”.

The wall, which consists of 12 pairs of mechanical hands and a donation box, reacts whenever someone inserts a coin or bill into the donation box by clapping to applaud the contributions of donors. We collaborated with Bye Bye World, a clapping robot expert, to create custom urethane rubber hands that can make realistic clapping sounds without any external amplification. The wall is programmed to perform different clapping rhythms and user-generated ones. We also created a website for the campaign where visitors are able to create and share their own clapping rhythm.

The Robotic Clapping Walls were exhibited at 7-ELEVEN stores across major cities in Taiwan from November 10th to December 8th.

ADK Taiwan
Design Director
Tech Director
Qanta Shimizu ( )
Senior Designer
Account Executive
Sandra Boeckmann (PARTY New York)
Copy Writer
Jamie Carreiro (PARTY New York)
Creative Advisor
Clapping Hand Tech & Design Direction
Masato Takahashi (BYE BYE WORLD)
Chief Creative Officer
Richard Yu (ADK Taiwan)
Group Creative Director
Kurt Lin (ADK Taiwan)
Senior Copy Writer
Jean Shih (ADK Taiwan)
Art Director
Lin Yu Zen (ADK Taiwan)
Vice President
Danny Han (ADK Taiwan)
Senior Account Director
Alan Tsai (ADK Taiwan)
Account Director
Shika Hsieh (ADK Taiwan)
Account Executive
Riley Hsia (ADK Taiwan)
Production Director
Chiao-Chun Su (23 Design)
Electronic engineer
Ben Hsu (23 Design)
Installation production
Yi-Hsuan Chu (23 Design)
Installation production
Chi-Tsung Chen (23 Design)
Installation production
Yvonne Chang (23 Design)
Chi-Chen Yang (innocirque)
Chelun Ou (Ou Chelun Film)
Yu Chun Tseng (Ou Chelun Film)
Shao En Liu (Ou Chelun Film)
Production Assistants
Lali Chiu (Ou Chelun Film)
Production Assistants
Tsung Han Du (Ou Chelun Film)
Production Assistants
Lun Ouyang (Ou Chelun Film)
Location Manager
Kevin Shih (Ou Chelun Film)
Director of Photography
Wei Yu Tseng (Ou Chelun Film)
1st AC
Yung Sun Lin (Ou Chelun Film)
2nd AC
Pei Bo Sun (Ou Chelun Film)
Ah Hua (Ou Chelun Film)
Art Director
Pin Shao Chen (Ou Chelun Film)
Production Sound Mixer
Minshu Wang (Ou Chelun Film)
Make-up Artist
Pei Hsuan Wu (Ou Chelun Film)
Summer Hsieh (Ou Chelun Film)
Cheng Wei Tong (Ou Chelun Film)
Audio Engineer
Da Wei Young (Ou Chelun Film)
Still Photographer
Ricor (Ou Chelun Film)
Web Developer
Yuma Murakami (MasuMasu)
Yuuki Ono (WONDROUS inc.)