Jan 04, 2019
Service that uses blind tasting and machine learning to determine your favorite sake type

We were in charge of “YUMMY SAKE,” digital content that uses a smartphone and a simple blind tasting to determine the type of sake that suits a user’s taste.

The AI algorithm for YUMMY SAKE was created based on the experiences of actual sake sommeliers, and Japanese sake is categorized into 12 types, which are described using onomatopoeia to make it easy for beginners to understand. Another question was, “How do people experience the taste of sake?” Multiple proprietary evaluation indicators were created in order to convert the experience of taste into data, and a wide-ranging group of pro sake sommeliers conducted tastings of over 100 different bottles of sake based on these proprietary indicators. These tastings were used to create the “sake flavor component database,” which the AI for YUMMY SAKE is built on.

At the “Mirai Sake Store” locations in Kichijoji, Ebisu, or inside the renovated Shibuya PARCO, which reopened in November 2019, come to the “YUMMY SAKE Stand,” and you can experience it for yourself. In addition, the YUMMY SAKE Stand in Shibuya is a special collaboration store with Asahi Shuzo’s famous brand, “Kubota.” See the website below for more information.

Engineer / Programmer