Dec 14, 2022
Uber One Launch Campaign
Motion Graphics introducing the Uber One Program

Whatever Taipei and Special Group created a promotional animation for Uber One, the cross-platform membership program from Uber Taiwan and Uber Eats Taiwan.

Together with the vivid colors and delightful rhythm, we cleverly incorporated the number “1” into the film to introduce the benefits of Uber One. It makes each offer sound more playful and deepens the audience’s impression of the program’s naming.

Uber Eats
inJECT Inspiration
Creative Director
Eggie Huang
Account Director
Film & Still Producer
Cherry Chen
Chief Creative Officer
Tom Martin (Special Group)
Chief Creative Officer
Julian Schreiber (Special Group)
Creative Director
James Sexton (Special Group)
General Manager
Eileen Cosgrove-Moloney (Special Group)
Business Director
Harry Warburton (Special Group)
Business Manager
Tamara Young (Special Group)
Strategy Director
Kellie Box (Special Group)
Howard Yang
Voice Over
Eshen Voice
Sound Mixing
Ji-Gan Wu
Post Production Coordinator
Zi-Yu Lin