Apr 21, 2017
Space Hoppers / NAMCO
The evolution of a trampoline and a game! Fly skillfully and win the space race!

Together with Japanese gaming company Namco, we developed “Space Hoppers”, a unique trampoline attraction for the indoor activity center Space Athletic Tondemi Makuhari.

We created a motion detector that is able to measure vertical jump and speed with the help of projection mapping, allowing the player to fully control the galactic racing game just by jumping on the trampoline.

Director / Designer / Composer
Technical Director / Unity Engineer / Programmer / 3DCG Designer
Junya Yamada (coconoe inc.)
Unity Engineer / Programmer
Unity Engineer / Programmer / Electric Engineer / 3DCG Designer
Ryu Jun-hee (coconoe inc.)
Electric Engineer / Composer
Ryuki Nagahora (BASSDRUM inc.)
3DCG Designer
Yoshimi Kano (coconoe inc.)