Nov 14, 2019
mercari CM “Costume”
Brand TV commercial for Japan's largest marketplace app "Mercari"

We were in charge of the planning and production of a TV commercial for the brand campaign of Japan’s largest flea market app, “Mercari.

In the commercial, the items that the parent and child are searching for on Mercari turn out to be parts for a homemade robot costume. This story of finding new value in items and passing that value on to someone else is based on the design of the actual app itself.

Planning / Production
WTFC, Inc.
Creative Director
Creative Director
Film Director
Ryo Takebayashi (CHOCOLATE Inc.)
Film Producer
Asami Takata (WTFC Inc.)
Production Manager
Tatsuyuki Kozen (CRANK)
Lighting designer
Kei Kubota
Production Director
Yui Miyamori (Diamond Snap)
Location Coordinator
Masumi Sato (HIGH TIDE)
Offline Editor
Jo Kobayashi (CHOCOLATE Inc.)
Online Editor
Mitsunori Mae (jitto)
Sound Mixer
Shingo Otaka
Takao Ogi (BeeTonics)
Zensei Funaki (HIP JIVE)